Research Summary:

Mr. Keklak's software engineering research interests are related to enabling programmers to understand existing code more quickly and accurately. This research work is funded entirely by his company Building Block Software, and has produced a number of techniques that accelerate software development in the context of large bodies of legacy code, and enable organizations to convert their software intellectual property to a secure form.

Mr. Keklak's CAD/CAM research contributions include numerous algorithms, including robust 2D boundary offset, and 2D region formation, the latter for which Mr. Keklak received Patent 4,809,201. Many of the CAD/CAM algorithms are the basis of Building Block Software\'s CAD/CAM Developer's Kit product line. In addition to the CAD/CAM Developer's Kits, Mr. Keklak was an author of several leading PC-based CAM systems, including the Personal Machinist and Mastercam NC programming systems.